Describe an activity/ sport

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In this lesson, we will learn how to describe an activity/ sport. You can practice it by yourself or with your friends to improve your speaking skills.
If you have better ideas, please leave me a comment, I really appreciate it.

Describe your favorite sport

Actually, I’m not a sporty person. Because I was too lazy/passive and when I was doing exercise at school, I often got tired very quickly.  So, I thought that I couldn’t do any kind of sports. However, I forced myself to hit the gym last year, since I felt unfit/unhealthy and my fat rate was very high, it was about 39% of my weight. The gym is a kind of physical exercise that requires people to work-out and sweat. After several months of doing the gym, I feel much better, my heart rates have increased, I can walk a long distance for hours without feeling tired. I think I somehow got into shape, which makes me so proud of myself. It also helps me recharge my battery after a busy day and my fat rate is reduced, it is about 36.2% now. It’s not much, but it’s still improved. Moreover, doing gym every day can uplift my mood, which prevents me from stress/depression/ or autism. Also, it could improve my memory and flexibility. It is a good way to keep fit (stay healthy) and have more time to communicate with people at the gym center when helping each other in practicing. For all of those reasons, this is a very interesting and enjoyable sport for me.

Do you think children nowadays have a passive lifestyle?

I think not only children but also some adults – including me, nowadays have a sedentary lifestyle. It’s just because of our laziness, most people prefer to stay at home rather than go outside and take part in physical/outdoor activities. Modern people have a bad habit of over-using smartphones too much. I saw many people go to the gym center but used most of the time to play games. Some people don’t have interaction with others so they don’t dare to join any kind of outdoor activity. Finally, they become isolated from the world.

Why do some people enjoy the sport more than others?

In my opinion, those people who have enthusiasm for sports can do sport every day for hours without feeling tired or bored, some people are very competitive, they want to dominate others and become the winner. I know some people such as my personal trainer, often set a personal record and spend a lot of time practicing to reach their goal. Doing sports has a lot of benefits such as increasing one lifespan or improving survival skills, some special sports like Kungfu, Taekwondo provide people with self-defense skills.

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